Artist’s Atheneum is an installation of books recommended by writers, musicians, librarians, critics, scientists, filmmakers, artists...  

In my experience, research for projects can become an insular and convergent process. I have benefited from having conversations about my ideas with friends and mentors who are active thinkers, irrespective of their professions. They have introduced me to films, books, music and other research that has helped in opening up my practice. I wanted to bring this conversation/ exchange, which feeds into our life and work, to the foreground, and make it the piece itself. 

Arranged by title, the books elude the classification by subject. Photography mingles with fiction, poetry, art, prose and nonfiction. Readers can put their feet up on the chaise lounge. Their bodies at ease, books may then become their focus. The installation at the International Center of Photography’s library complements the extensive collection of books focusing on the subject of photography in the library. It hopes to introduce subjects/discussions which might otherwise fall off the periphery of a focused art practice.

The list of about 200 books are available on this blog as a resource. 

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